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Liquid Design is the continuation of many years of experience in which we have come to see the full value of flawless integration between the interiors of a building and the shell that encloses them. Examining the built environment from inside and out removes disciplinary boundaries that allows us to work with you to find the right solutions whether they be design or otherwise.

We are a growing company with a focus on delivering value. The best way for us to succeed and build long term relationships is to be a part of our client's success. We endeavour to base all of our project decisions on principles that make a difference to our clients. We welcome the discussion with our clients about the benefits of decisions and enjoy the challenge of justifying our designs in terms that mean something to your endeavours. We find that this process develops the best solutions.


Our service needs to take the team on the most appropriate path to maximise the value of projects. Our expertise includes asking the best questions to confirm what the project requires.


To us delivery is about a transparency of process. Our most successful projects are the ones where our clients have a clear understanding of what they are paying for allowing us to produce the clear measurable results that they were expecting.


Our business thrives when people want to work with us. If we can connect our clients to the best consultants and contractors we build a network based on successful projects.

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Ideas that lead to new actions

Interior Design

Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Retail.


Industrial, Multi-unit Residential, Single Dwellings, Commercial.

Graphics & Visualistation

Commercial, Industrial and Retail.


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For us, the design and realisation of your project is part of a continuum in which our goal is to remove obstacles that limit the potential of the outcome. Our job is not to overlay our taste on a project rather, it is to create a sense of clarity from the interactions of your aspirations and the site for the project. In essence we find the spark if inspiration or the project thesis from what is there.

Our experience and expertise is brought to bear first and foremost on creating the best value for our clients. While this sounds obvious take a moment to think about how many times you have engaged a contractor or consultant and felt that you didn't get what you paid for. While most of our clients consider themselves 'bottom line' driven we find that this is almost always not the most important dimension of value to them.

Liquid Design exists in a world of time cost and quality. All of our projects are oriented uniquely within this triangle. This creates a unique but very simple set of rules that we apply to project decisions that then uncover the spark of inspiration that gives each project its own voice that shows the strengths of all who were involved.

Our mission is to convert your aspirations into built reality and to inspire your aspirations through the built environments we design.

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We assist our clients to make informed decisions and help to nurture their vision. Dialogue is such an important part of our business, find us below and keep in touch.

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Key Personnel

Richard Simmons

Design Director

Chris Bombardiere

Director, Nominated Architect, NSW reg #8123

The most important part of design is finding all the issues to be resolved. The rest are details.


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We're a team of creatives, designers & architects who work together to find the right solutions. We take pride in delivering only the best.

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As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.


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Suite 20, 25-29 Dumaresq Street, Campbelltown NSW 2009, Australia
02 4610 1534, info(at)liquidesign.com.au

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